Fountain «BEUNDE»

Commemorating the 1st Fountain Festival in 2016, the latest well was built. Its simple modern style complements the dignity oft the historic Beundenhaus. Built in 1643, the house is one of the most important farmhouses of the 17th century in Matten village. The name „Beunde“ has its roots in Middle and Old High German and denotes a fenced piece of land. 

Did you know?
The Swiss Society of the Water and Gas Industry awarded the fountain trail in Matten with the PR Award Water 2014. The eulogy stated: Matten used the existing, most beautiful and most traditional ambassadors for impeccable drinking water for communication, the village’s time-honored fountains. Matten shows impressively that you do not have to reinvent everything. The existing infrastructure often has a charming value for the water supply.