7) Fountain «UNTERDORF»

Until modern times, the fountain servedas a drinking-water dispenser. Peoplecarried the water home in wood or metalchurns. There was a small trough atthe end opposite the spout. The largefountain trough was used for cattle todrink from and according to municipallaw, only the small trough was permittedto be used for washing clothes.

Untilthe Second World War, glass bottleswere filled with water from this fountainand sold to hotels in the vicinity. TheFountain Trail now leads along the alteUnterdorfstrasse (lower village street),a typically narrow village lane. On theright is Matten’s oldest building, theKübli-Haus dating from the 16th century,followed by the Aemmer-Haus fromthe 17th century.



«Did you know? The populationof ancient Rome used between370 and 450 litres of water perhead daily. In comparison: 160litres per head in Switzerlandtoday.»